AutoCAD can organize any kind of data. It’s also a tool that is available in AutoCAD which you can’t do without, particularly in drawings in two dimensions. We will learn about the LINE command, and then discover how to draw.

A single line could be thought of as universal because you’ll employ it to create and locate your spot. You will also use lines to come up with different ways to utilize lines. Lines are a combination of all points that lie between two points. The line is simple to draw using CAD. It is possible to draw a line with only two clicks.

AutoCAD Drawing Lines


The draw panel is in the upper left corner of the home tab. Click the icon to activate the line command. Follow your command prompts on your dynamic inputs and on the command-line. They will show you what to do.


The ORTHOGONAL command fusion  is used to specify your LINE, rather than pick any two points. You can view ortho on/off when you press F8 on the command line. You can draw orthogonal lines when you press F8. It has a variety of options as well as settings that are easy to access.

It is possible to change your units according to your preference. This will make it easier to speed your drawing. Like the picture, you can set your units. You will now be drawing inches. It is now time to understand the basics of conversions. 1 inch (written in 1″) is 25mm. 1 foot is written in 1′), and 12 inches are written as 12″. You could draw 20 feet, i.e. 20’*12″= 244″ When you enter figures you can choose to either do the math and write inches , or input 20′. AutoCAD will identify 20″ as 20 feet, and perform the math.

AutoCAD recognizes any specification that exceeds 50 feet and 6 inches like 50 feet 6 inch. Draw the line starting from the point of origin. Let’s erase the line we’ve drawn. There are several methods to erase or delete information from AutoCAD. It is possible to either LEFT-CLICK on each object , and then press DELETE on the keyboard, or enter ERASE into your keyboard and press ENTER. The icon for erasing is located on the ribbon under the tab for modifications. A group selection is done by pressing LEFT CLICK in a drawing area, and shifting the mouse to the objects that are left to erase. LEFT CLICK again, and hit the DELETE button on your keyboard.